Weight PEGZ

$ 2.50

You ask and we provide.. Here is the all new Hookerz Tackle Weight Pegz.. These are designed with a soft rubber in 2 sizes to fit all your weight pegging needs.. Throw out the toothpicks, bobber stops and rubber bands and use the simple and easy Hookerz Pegz system..

You team these Weight Pegz with Hookerz Tackle Tungsten weights and our Ultra Sharp hooks and it is a WIN WIN situation.. With the Pegz you no longer have to worry about pinching your line and risking a break off when that big'n is on the line.. Anyone who is familiar with the great design and durability that Tru Tungsten use to produce will be right at home with these..

They come in 2 sizes with 10 per pack: #3 = 1/16oz - 1/2oz Weights #5 = 3/4oz - 2 1/4oz Weights

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