Shakey Wormz

$ 4.50

Well we have done it again! The Shakey Wormz have made it to our Hookerz line of tournament proven plastic baits. Although this bait can be fished as a regular Texas rig, Drop Shot or Floating Worm we designed this bait to be used with Hookerz Tackle Shakey Head jig. Made with a special high-floating plastic mixture which allows the tail to suspend upward from the jighead making fish take notice. The slightest rod movement allows the worm tail to quiver back and forth which commands the fish's attention.

This bait is very versatile and can also be cut down to a smaller size without affecting the action of the bait due to the softness and flexibility of this high grade plastic. We have assorted our pigments from proven tournament winning colors that work everywhere.

Choose the colors that work well for you in your area. Heavily scented, this bait will surely take your shaky fishing to the next level!

**8 Pack**


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